Corporate Social Responsibility is one of the trademarks of our company. It is part and parcel of our goal to achieve and maintain continuity in our endeavours. We were able to see our hundredth anniversary come around because we were able to create lasting value in economic (profit), ecological (planet) and social (people) terms. We are committed to sustainable business practises, social policy and integrity.

Social policy

Our staff management policies are centred on ensuring the right person is in the right place. We use employee profiles and performance appraisal interviews to make sure we find the right match. We also offer trainings and courses to improve competences and to ensure the interests of our people are met. Our team is also entirely open to candidates with disabilities and we receive professional support from the relevant social enterprises upon placement. Consequently, Papicolor International B.V. employs a broad range of people who, ordinarily, are a long way from the job market.


Enveloprint Stationery is an undersigned member of the Social Code of Conduct – a set of terms and conditions relating to the social policies and standards in business. We feel very strongly about honouring every request from you, the customer, to improve standards and social policies.

Oxfam Novib

We are a corporate ambassador of Oxfam Novib through our participation in the Entrepreneurship Network (Ondernemers voor Ondernemers Netwerk), the largest CSR network in The Netherlands. Our financial contributions help entrepreneurs in developing countries get a good start. Over 300,000 African and Asian entrepreneurs have already benefited from our micro-financing scheme. Find out more about its success on the Oxfam Novib website.


We feel very strongly about sponsoring local sports and cultural initiatives. In addition we support a variety of social initiatives in The Netherlands and abroad.