Blog Urban Sketching and MyArtBook by Marion van Ratingen.

For a while now, I have been completely under the spell of “Urban Sketching”. A term that most of you know by now, because I see more and more people drawing fun canal houses, travel reports and everyday activities such as a coffee moment or walking the dog. That is what Urban sketching means: Drawing on location of what you see along the way and what you would like to absorb and record. Even better than taking a photo, capturing them by means of a drawing is a super fun way to preserve these memories. It is also a wonderful way to relax and have a moment for yourself!

By immersing yourself in Urban Sketching you will look at objects or a street scene with different eyes, which gives you much more appreciation of the environment, where you are. That is a nice extra! 😉 So try to regularly take your sketchbook and pen with you when you go out and grab a moment for a quick sketch or a more extensive drawing session. It is, of course, also super fun to make a draw date with others! Very cool to see how everyone gives their own twist and style to the drawing.

Regularly, drawing is worked out in a journal, so you get a diary of everything you have experienced and seen during your trip. “Urban Journaling” or “Travel Journaling” are terms that are very similar to Urban Sketching as well. You often don’t even have to travel far to come across a nice topic. Even in your own village or city there are probably many beautiful places and perhaps historical buildings, which are worth drawing.
The most beautiful creations are created by the combination of illustrations and sketches with hand lettering or brush lettering. By looking around a lot and focusing on certain situations or details, you quickly gain skill in seeing a drawing subject and capturing special moments. A brief explanation of the event, by means of a small text, will help you to remember the story behind the illustration. Very nice to later browse your journal or drawing folder to recall those moments.

Urban Sketching and MyArtBook
You don’t need much more for Urban Sketching than pencil and paper. That is enough to get started. However, it is not very practical when you are drawing outside, with the risk of being blown away. MyArtBook is ideal for this. You can fill this drawing book with all kinds of paper, so you can choose at any time what kind of paper you need at that moment and whicj suits the material you are using.
The sketchbook has a hard cover, which you can turn over completely. This offers great stability when drawing on the go. The paper is held in place by 2 elastics, which are attached to the sketchbook. A small pouch will be launched soon, which you can attach to the sketchbook. How convenient is that? Afterwards, you can easily tear off the paper, thanks to the unique tear-off edge. This way, you don’t have to damage your drawing.

Let me briefly tell you what kind of paper is available for MyArtBook because there is so much choice. There are no fewer than 12 different types of paper.
For watercolor paint, “watercolor paper 200 grams” is very suitable. The paper has the ribbed structure of watercolor paper so it absorbs the paint well and does not run off the sheet.

If you want to trace a template, a certain font or example illustration, then “sketch curious trans 140 grams” is the best option. This transparent paper makes tracing a breeze, allowing you to practice and learn quickly.
Many of us creatives like to work with watercolor, brush pens and / or alcohol markers. The following paper types are suitable for these: “off white 200 grams”, “white 300 grams” or “ultra white watercolor 350 grams and 200 grams”. It depends on your preference. Different types of paper (depending on the type of paper) are available from 10 or 20 sheets, so you can easily try something different, without having to buy a whole block right away.

“Ultra Smooth White paper 160 grams” is extra smooth paper and markerslovers will be thrilled to draw on it.
Do you want to practice a bit more before you try the special paper? You can sketch to your heart’s content on this scrap paper in 2 different colors: “White drawing paper 120 grams” and “Off white drawing paper 120 grams”.
“Recycled Kraft / Fluit Gray” is beautiful when you work with pencil and fineliner (Sakura). This gives an exciting effect when you combine this with a white gel pen.
The last type of paper I want to mention is “Black drawing paper 120 grams and 210 grams”. This black paper gives a very chic look when using the pen touch (gold and silver) and / or white opaque watercolor paint. Very festive for a party or dinner!
There used to be a beautiful black MyArtBook … recently, it is also available in a beautiful soft blue color in the sizes A3, A4 and A5, as well as all types of paper.

Do you want to get started quickly after this whole story? Pack your things, take the bike and find a suitable spot! Have fun sketching! Who knows, you might bump into me somewhere! 😉

Love Marion