We offer an extensive range of in-house services. This makes us faster, more efficient and more flexible.


Our prepress division uses state-of-the-art pre-flight technology and our automated PDF workflow makes use of highly refined methods to accurately analyse each file. Once everything has been checked, the files are transferred to printing plates using computer to plate technology (CTP). Our processes are all eco-friendly and no chemicals are used.

Printing press

Our printing press contains both small and medium scale offset machines. Our 4 and 5-colour presses are fitted with coating units to ensure all our printing jobs have a scratch free, pristine finish. We also have an in-line punching unit that allows printing and punching in one sitting. Our colour management processes are ISO certified, making Papicolor International B.V. one of the few companies to offer standardised end products.

Digital press

Our Xerox iGen4 digital press allows us to carry out short-run printing jobs. It’s also perfect for inlays and mock ups. The product is practically indistinguishable from that of a conventional offset press.


Papicolor International B.V. is also a specialist envelope maker. We specialise in exclusive orders, ranging from short-run to high volume jobs. Each exceptional envelope, made from exclusive paper types, is available in any quality and print. We also offer bespoke envelopes, either paper lined or printed, or tissue lined (a very fine paper type of 30 g/m2) in any finish you want. Custom-made window designs, bespoke embossed closures, creative print designs. You name it, we can do it. All orders are manufactured at our in-house printing press.


Printing quality and presentation details are key elements of quality. However, to give your product an even more finished look, we offer a range of perforating, embossing, scoring, slitting, laminating, coating and stacking services.


Service is key. That is why we will cellophane wrap, seal, or assemble all your products for you. We will also handle the packaging of display and any other manual labour you would rather let us handle. Our team of 200 home workers is at your service.