About us

We have been in the paper and graphic design business for over a hundred years. During that time, Papicolor International was for the most part a traditional family endeavour. However, in 2006, the company was incorporated into the Epaper Group – an organisation that combines expertise, passion and enthusiasm.

Flat hierarchy

At Papicolor International the management spends a lot of its time on the floor. Everyone has their own field of expertise. This means short lines of communication, resulting in more accelerated performance and flexibility. Finally, our team’s personal involvement and extensive knowledge of the industry ensures stability and continuity.

Personal approach

Our customers very much appreciate our personal approach, our confidence and reliability. Those elements combined with a healthy dose of the Dutch no-nonsense work ethic enable us to create beautiful products that meet our customers’ needs.

Sustainable products

All our products are exclusively fair-trade and we are committed to using eco-friendly solutions in our business practices. We also feel strongly about supporting causes related to the environment and a sustainable future. We are both ISO and FSC® certified. Only FSC® certified companies are licensed to give their products the FSC® mark and sell products with an FSC® claim.

Trade shows

Naturally, we are at all the leading, trend setting trade fairs and shows around Europe, including Paperworld in Frankfurt and the London Stationery Show. Look us up, we love exchanging ideas!

Find out more

To find out more about what Papicolor International can do for you, get in touch with our team of experts by phoning +31 (0) 315 65 96 19 or email us at info@papicolor.nl.