Handlettering is completely of this time! You see it nowadays more and more often popping up. For example in the form of fun inspiring hand lettering texts on store windows and chalkboards, homemade cards or framed on the wall. The often graceful quotes seem to be the work of an artist, but nothing is less true. For hand lettering, you do not have to be super creative or have magical hands. It is hip and everyone can do it. As a result, there are all kinds of images on social media on which, with the help of hand lettering, the most beautiful quotes are written in a beautiful handwriting.

What is handlettering?

Handlettering is a mixture of drawing and writing. It can be simply stated that hand lettering is the art of drawing letters. Handletting is different than for example typography, in which you search for a font and then print something. Handlettering is actually done by hand and is therefore not a print, but really a homemade creation. Hand lettering of kaligraphy also differs. This is because other materials are used with hand lettering and other techniques are used. With hand lettering you have a lot of freedom and the best thing about this technique is that it is entirely made by yourself.

Handling: how do you do that?

Handlettering is accessible to everyone and that makes it so fun. For hand lettering you actually have enough with a pen and a pencil to get started. And besides, you obviously need your own creativity, a good example or a little help. You also have to be able to work exactly and have a little patience because hand lettering is a lot of trying. In doing so, it is important to show some guts and step out of your comfort zone by doing different things than others.