A Bullet Journal is the perfect system to collect your appointments, tasks, plans, to-do lists etc. in one place. Nowadays we use a lot of digital apps to keep this information up to date. Yet it feels better now and again to get in the pen again and put everything on paper. That is why this system is also called ‘The analog system of the digital age’. The nice thing about a Bullet Journal is that you can adjust and complete it according to your own wishes. Men may prefer a simple and sleek design, while women get creative with washi-tape and the like. You can at least do all sides with it!

What can you note in your Bullet Journal?

As I have already indicated, you can go in all directions with a Bullet Journal. You can note all sorts of things. So you obviously choose from things that fit your life! For example, think of:
• Monthly goals
• Annual goals
• A wishlist
• A Bucket List
• A planner with appointments
• To-do lists
• Books that you have read this year
• A checklist
• TV series that you still want to watch