We are a specialist tailor-made envelope maker. At Papicolor International B.V. we manufacture our own envelopes from exclusive paper types from our Colourswatch. We can also print stock envelopes or finish ready products. We specialise in exclusive orders, ranging from short-run to high volume jobs

Manufacturing process

Each exceptional envelope, made from exclusive paper types, is available in any quality and print. We also offer tailor-made envelopes, either paper lined or printed, or tissue lined (a very fine paper type of 30 g/m2) in any finish you want. Custom-made window designs, tailor-made embossed closures, creative print designs. You name it, we can do it. All orders are manufactured at our in-house printing press. Looking for an even more exclusive envelope? Why not try embossing the closure with your logo or slogan, either raised or sunk?

Stock envelope range

You will be surprised by the size of our stock range of envelopes. We can offer a broad range of colours and sizes, as well as prompt delivery. We are ISO and FSC® certified and are committed to high-quality, fair-trade products. Find out more about our stock range of envelopes by requesting our brochure.

Find out more

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts by phoning +31 (0)318 53 17 17 or emailing us at info@papicolor.nl.