Coloured paper – 30 to 160 g/m2

Papicolor International B.V. stocks an extensive range of high-quality paper – in every colour, type or thickness. Watermark paper, luxury transparent paper, marbled, recycled, with a pearlescent finish or sparkling sheen – our unique paper types will help you establish your credentials on the market. All products are packaged and finished (logo and inlay) according to your specifications.

Swatch book

Need some inspiration? Curious about the look and feel of our extensive range of paper? We will be happy to give you our swatch book: Colourswatch. The Colourswatch is a handy, systematic guide to all the paper in our range, giving you an idea of colour, quality and thickness. Per paper type you will be able to check for FSC® certification – our guarantee of sustainable paper manufacturing. Up to 98% of all our paper types are FSC® certified. Once you have received the Colourswatch, we will make sure you can keep it up to date.


Check out our range of colours here.

Find out more

To find out more about our stock range of paper or how to get our fabulous paper designed with your logo and packaged according to your branding guidelines, or to request our Colourswatch, please phone +31 (0)318 53 17 17 or email us at