At Papicolor International B.V., we go the extra mile after all the cutting, folding, scoring and embossing has been done. Our customers benefit from our smart, full-service concept. This means all our stationery products receive a measure of additional flair and are ready for the shops. Not sure about how you want to present your paper product? We will help you package your product, find the right way to display it or introduce your product range.


Looking for the latest innovations in paper? Our people are on top of the latest trends. Let us inspire you. On top of that, our account managers and designers are on hand to help you enrich your concept.


All our products are exclusively fair-trade and we are committed to using eco-friendly solutions in our daily operations and practices. In addition, we feel strongly about supporting causes related to the environment and a sustainable future. We are both ISO and FSC® certified. Our FSC certification is our guarantee that any resources used to manufacture our products have come from sustainable forests. Only FSC® certified companies are licensed to give their products the FSC® mark and sell products with an FSC® claim.

Speed and flexibility

We stock an extensive range of paper – every colour and thickness imaginable. We also have comprehensive production facilities: we make our own envelopes and print everything in house. In short, we have all the means to be able to deliver well-rounded products. Our versatile production capabilities allow for orders to be processed even more quickly and for more flexibility. Need any exclusive manual finishing work done? Our team of 200 home workers is at your service.


We offer an ideal stock management solution. Why not store your products in our warehouse? You decide when orders need to go out and we deliver your products on time, according to Just In Time (JIT) principles. Naturally, we will keep you up to date on deliveries, order statuses and stock positions.