MyArtBook is the sketchbook for all your techniques.

This revolutionary book can be put together by yourself with the paper type which has your preference.

MyArtBook is available in the following formats:

A3 format: 297×420mm (oblong) / A4 format: 210×297mm (upright) / A5 format: 148×210mm (upright).

Some characteristics of our sketchbooks:

  • The format A3 is equipped with a 12 rings mechanism. The formats A4 and A5 are equipped with a 6 rings mechanism.
  • The content from the sketchbook stays well protected and at his place thanks to the hard cover and the 2 elastics.
  • The hard cover can be fully turned whereby you can use it easily on your lap and on the way for a quick sketch.
  • You can fill the sketchbook with 12 different paper sheets.

Black draw paper (210 en 120 GSM), Recycled kraft fluiting grey (110 GSM), off-white draw paper (120 GSM), white draw paper (120 GSM) ultra smooth white paper (160 GSM), ultra white watercolour paper (200 en 350 GSM), white paper (300 GSM), off-white paper (300 GSM), transparant paper (140 GSM)  en watercolour paper (200 GSM). These are also available in various grammages.

  • All our paper sheets have a micro perforation rim.